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15 September 2016
Here it is: Narciso
11 January 2017

Etrusco, “Wellness Therapy”

For fans and not, Etrusco offers the opportunity to place in your home an object of absolute quality, innovative both from a structural point of view, both for the quality of play: the “Billiard Table“.

A feature not exclude the other; This means  the billiards remains the cornerstone of our production, applying rubber used in international competitions (as well as the cloth), the slate is adjusted and calibrated, but through the “Etruscan System Platform”, born after years of intense study, we also offer the possibility of a convenient and rapid transformation of our models in real dining tables or meeting tables.

There is therefore a combination of design and game.

Our close cooperation with the current world champion, Matteo Gualemi, still defined  the undisputed quality of our billiard.

Visit our “Last News” in the website, under “Products” – “Last News” – you will see our last patented billiards table : “Iris“, “C-70“, “Tulipano“.

Study, research, attention to detail and quality carefully controlled.

“Etrusco, perfect item for your home.”